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New Home Owners


    Our vacation Rental program has lots of vital information not to bore you but every little thing counts. So go ahead grab a cup of coffee and your reading glasses and I will try to figure out where to start. We charge 33 1/3% if we find the tenant and 25% if you find the tenant. Now that I got that out of the way you donít have to scroll all the way to the bottom to find out how much itís going to cost. You might notice that we do not offer online booking or availability let me explain why. Letís say a renter chooses a home then checks the availability calendar and then proceeds to make and types in their credit card. They come up obtain the keys from a lock box and you never meet or talk to the client. The client checks out and the home is checked afterward and thatís when you realize they rented the home for a bachelor party. By speaking to a prospective renter we use many screening tactics. These tactics are used with every booking that we make and the abuse level is less than 1%.

Snow plowing is done if we have rented the property or at you request and usually costs about $35.00 If you would like an open or a close it is $15.00 each or $25.00 for both. An open is the home prepared for an arrival some lights on, water on, heat turned up, water heaters turned up, etc. A close is just the opposite lights off, water off, heat turned down, water heaters turned down, etc. General cleaning feeís run between $45.00- $150.00 depending on the size of the home. If the home is being opened for our tenants and needs cleaning then it will be done, if you were there last or it needs to be cleaned from sitting for a long time then you will be charged. Deep cleaning and spring-cleaning can also be arranged and start at $100.00 and go up to $500.00. The key service is available for your guests to obtain keys if needed and is a 24-7 service $10.00 per key. You will also need to replace cleaning supplies or we will do it for you and take it out of your proceeds i.e. paper products, vacuum cleaner bags and belts, 9-volt batteries, light bulbs. The cost to go on our website is $150.00 that includes web page design and the awesome photos.

Homeowner Checklist

This is a checklist and a guide to prepare and inform you and your home for the vacation rental program.

The Basics
1. Identify closets or storage areas that can be locked and store any personal items that you highly value or would not want a stranger using. Also use this area to lock up personal linens, and donít keep those items that are not replaceable or would make you upset if you came to your home and found them broken or missing in the home at all.
2. Donít leave kitchen, bath towels or other linens, Guests will bring their own or we can supply them. Linenís will disappear if left for a guest to use.
3. Donít leave any outside trashcans visible and available (or they will be used and trash will not be properly disposed of and removed from the property.) This can cause a problem with many of our mountain critters or become quite smelly.
4. If there is a doorknob and a deadbolt, have them re-keyed for separate keys. The guests will be given only the doorknob key and the deadbolt will provide security if key is lost or duplicated.
5. Make sure that all windows are lockable.
6. Window covering on all windows.
7. Screens on all windows with no tears or holes. Minimum Requirements
Code Compliance Requirements

1. One refillable fire extinguisher per level with current inspection certificate.
2. One smoke detector per level and per bedroom and also one for kitchen.
3. One emergency exit light per level.
4. No gaps of 4 inches or more between railings on any decks for child safety.
5. No tree branches within 10 feet of chimney.
6. Hand rails on all stairways
7. All sleeping areas must have screens on the windows without any holes.
8. Fireplaces and BBQís must have lidded metal ash cans.
9. No extension cords used with lighting, heaters or appliances.
10. Hot tubs and spas equipped with locking covers or gates.
11. No exposed wiring.
12. Switch plates on all outlets.

Unit Supplies, Appliances and Recommendations
1. You need 2 blankets, 2 pillows and bedspreads or quilts for each bed and all pull out couches.
2. Everyday dishes, glasses, coffee mugs, silverware, and wine glasses.
3. Pots, pans, frying pans, cooking utensils, mixing bowls.
4. Bake ware, hot pads, can opener, and steak knives.
5. Salt and Pepper other spices or also ok.
6. Microwave and a toaster
7. Corkscrew
8. Toilet brushes for each bathroom and also a plunger.
9. Large wastebasket in kitchen and adequate wastepaper baskets throughout the home.
10. At least one color television with cable hookup.
11. Vacuum cleaner, bags, belts and a broom and a dustpan.
12. Mop and bucket.
13. 409 or any kind of de-greaser
14. Glass cleaner
15. Sponges
16. Cleanser
17. Dishwashing liquid and also dishwasher detergent
18. Paper towels
19. Toilet Paper
20. Telephone with long distance blocking
21. At least one VCR, DVD player is also ok.
22. Washer and dryer if you would like some week or month long rentals.
23. Barbecue, gas or charcoal no table top BBQís
24. TV in master bedroom would be nice
25. No recliner chairs the mechanisms do not hold up in a rental
26. No candles they are accidents waiting to happen, from melted wax in carpet to possible fires.
27. Darker, multi hued carpeting is recommended. If you have lighter carpeting use lots of area rugs.

It would be in your best interest to lock up any extra supplies so that guests do not help themselves to the extra products.

What you can except

Over the course of time

1. Dishes, small appliances and utensils will need replacing.
2. Shower curtains and liners will need replacing.
3. The VCRís will stop functioning.
4. The remote controls will disappear or stop working. Usually the couch monster eats them.
5. The Carpets will need cleaning.
6. One or more of the toilets will become stopped up and flood the bathroom.
7. Windows will need cleaning inside and out.
8. The Garbage disposal will become jammed and eventually need to be replaced.
9. A deep through cleaning will be needed about 4 times per year.
10. Weed abatement and yard clean up required by the city twice a year.
11. If your home is in the City of Big Bear Lake a vacation rental home permit is required once per year the current home inspection and permit is $121.00.
12. Vacuum cleaners wear out. When they donít suck that becomes a problem.
13. Light bulbs donít last very long in the mountains.
14. If you have a gas BBQ you need at least 2 tanks in hopes to always have one of them full.
15. Please take note that all of this is excepted ďwear and tearĒ but when you are not the one using the property, it becomes very easy to forget that all of this ďwear and tearĒ and use is still occurring when it is being rented. We can manage all of the maintenance arrangements by a reliable vendor for you if you wish

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